Installing Fedora and Solving a Wifi Issue

I am writing this post as a future reminder for myself.

I decided to install a Linux OS on an old laptop. And I didn’t want a Debian system (I am using Ubuntu at the office). So I went to Fedora. I just want to get my hands more dirty on Linux.

For installation I used Linux Live USB Creator

I picked up the latest Fedora installation (V. 20 with KDE) and installed it in my USB.

After that I rebooted my laptop with the USB and installed the OS. Really simple I must say.

The problem now was that the OS could not see the wireless card.

The laptop is Dell Inspiron. The wifi card is Broadcom.

In order to check which wifi card run either one of:

  • lspci
  • lspci | grep -i Network

So here’s what I needed to do:

  1. Install Fusion RPM, free and nonfree from
  2. Run the following command su -c ‘yum install broadcom-wl’
  3. Reboot

And I had Fedora KDE V20 with Wifi !

A small note about centOS, I tried install it before but just could not fix the Wifi issue.

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