Coding Exercise Introduction

As part of my job, I do a-lot of architectural designing, OOD, clean code, TDD and everything that thrives to be craftsmanship work.

However, I don’t get to have many problems such as tree traverse, BFS, DFS, lists etc.
We can name these kind of problems as CS1 and CS2 courses problems.
I also don‘t have the opportunity to learn new languages. We‘re writing in Java and there is no reason at the office to start learning a new language. At least not for business purpose.

But, as a professional developer, I want to constantly exercise, sharpen and improve my skills.
So I took upon myself a small project:

  1. Do some basic coding that I usually don’t do
  2. Learn a new language

As for task #1, I already wrote some Java code to problems I thought of, and will try to add more during the weeks to come.

As for task #2, I decides to start learning Ruby. Why Ruby? No particular reason. It’s different from Java and good in the market.
Once I get comfortable with Ruby, my plan is to write the problems in Ruby.

The code is in GitHub
See Why at: Why GitHub

Some of the code has nice written tests, and some, sadly to say, I just played around, it is not REALLY, AUTOMATICALLY testes. This is something that must be fixed as well.

These are the problems I already written:

  • Factorial
  • Fibonacci
  • Reverse a list
  • Anagram
  • Palindrome
  • BFS tree traverse

Code at GitHub: