Bitbucket vs. GitHub my Conclusion

When I first started blogging (not too long ago) I had to choose where to put the code I use as examples.
I already had GitHub and Bitbucket accounts, so I just needed to decide.

There are a lot of articles, blogs and question comparing the two options.
Below you can find some of them (Did some Googling…).

Initially I chose Bitbucket, but without a real particular reason.
Perhaps one reasons was working with Atlassian product, which I like as a company.
Another big advantage with Bitbucket is having the option of private repository.

However, GitHub is more popular; dzone lets you give your GitHub username, and I guess a user (profile) is more “searchable” there.
GitHub also has the gist feature, which is very helpful when writing code examples in a blog.

So for now, I decided to use both solutions.
Whenever I am working on a side project, which I don’t want to publicize, I will put it in Bitbucket as private repository.
But public repositories I will put in GitHub.
In the following days I will change the links of previous posts to direct to the GitHub location instead of Bitbucket.

Moving a Repository

If I am using two repositories hosts, I need to know how to move repositories from one location to another:

Bitbucket vs. GitHub Links


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